Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer 2015

"Mommy, don't look now but on her birthday your baby is about to be a toddler" -Arianna about Karina
"Mommy, do you wanna play soccer with me?"
"Yes, Roman, I'd love to play soccer with you!" (never thought I'd say that!)
Arianna prayed to ask Jesus in her heart.
8/7/15 - Karina is 23 months, but acting so much older!
Last night was bath night, but I left around 7 for my Mother's Day mani/pedi (finally). Karina was kinda sad so I snuck out. This morning when she woke up, she snuggled with me for a bit then said "Mommy! Daddy did bath me!"
After breakfast Roman was in the bathroom for a bit then came out. She said "Min done bafroom?"
(She says Min for Roman, Nyanna for Arianna, Sha-sha for Marissa, and Me for Karina lol)

Today we started school! Marissa started 4th grade, Arianna started 1st grade (but 2nd grade math), Roman is continuing Pre-K, and Karina is just our distraction! We'll start slowly, since CC (Classical Conversations) doesn't start up for another 2 weeks. This will be an interesting year with Marissa starting the Essentials program through CC, and Roman joining the girls learning Foundations Cycle 1 material. Hopefully we can find a routine and get into a good rhythm, because so far today was rough! We didn't spend a ton of time on schoolwork today, mainly just introduced the books, and talked about the plan for the year. After lunch, the big 3 had book time, and now they are working on typing lessons. Roman had his first typing lesson, which was funny because he's still learning his letters haha. Once CC and Essentials start, we'll be working a lot harder and longer each day, especially Marissa and I in the afternoon doing Essentials.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


I'm feeling stressed. I want to remember everything. I want to remember the night when Roman (4) poked his face into the crack in our door at 9:45pm wearing a spiderman mask. I want to remember the dinnertime when Arianna (6) figured out the trick to "Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Woops" before anyone else. I want to remember Marissa (9) saying there were just so many babies she was going crazy cuz she loves babies/toddlers so much. I want to remember Karina (21 months) laying her head on my chest and being goofy with me, trying to close her eyes.

But my memory is terrible. So I'm writing these things down, and taking zillions of pictures on my phone, and posting about everything on Facebook. So while I make 16 meals each day, and make comments about how much I want a wall of silence, I am acutely aware of how wonderful these years are and how much I'll miss them.

Will I forget what it feels like for a tiny toddler body to cling to me like a monkey when they don't want to let go?

Will I forget their giggles and goofy wild games on the living room floor?

Will I forget the wafting of pee-filled diapers coming from the diaper trash? (I hope so.)

Will I forget the scent of freshly washed toddler hair?

Will I forget how much I want to freeze time in these precious years, yet rush ahead to the less physically demanding years?

I already miss the baby days. And the toddler days are quickly passing. I'll never get them back. So I guess I'd better find a new favorite stage.
Easter 2015

Catching up - Fall 2014

I found this old draft that I never finished. Guess I'll post it!

8/28/14 - Karina turned 1.
Roman at dinner "Uh Mommy, I have a water problem!" He had spilled it in his tray.

9/6 - K took her first step! She was standing next to Marissa's chair and Marissa scooted it away so K was standing alone and she was so distracted she took a single step toward Marissa.

A: Mommy can we have a treat?
Me: We'll see...
A: No, I need a firm answer!

Goofing around on the bed together...
M: Karina, don't knee my platter!" (meant bladder)

Roman: "Eenie meenie minie moe, which one has a bow?"

Watching liberty kids, soldiers are talking about tour of duty. Roman says "haha! He said duty!"

Arianna and Roman were playing with animals and people and Arianna says "wait for it..." as she makes twilight sparkle do a flip or something. Then Roman says "do it in slow mode, I didn't see it"

Monday, August 4, 2014

End of summer 2014

Well, tonight I have been dealing with a bout of mastitis due to Karina not nursing much during our busy Sunday. I had a low fever, major headache, and achy legs. I napped a little this afternoon, which is probably why I am still awake at 2am!

It's hard to believe summer is drawing to a close and it's almost time to begin another year of homeschooling. It's been a good summer, full of lake house visits with NY family, Marissa getting baptized, swimming lessons, VBS, and beginning a membership at a local recreation center. Marissa finally came into her own with swimming this year, and can tread water, swim underwater, float to rest, and is learning the crawl. She finally gets why swimming is so fun! Roman is a pro at maneuvering around deep water wearing his froggy life jacket, and Arianna is finally venturing beyond her comfort zone to duck her head under. We plan to keep swimming at the rec center so they can progress even further in their water skills.

Karina will turn 1 in a few weeks and I'm struggling to hold onto her babyness. She has 4 big front teeth, not much hair, and the cutest grin. She doesn't like to sleep longer than 2-3 hours at a time (even at night), but I try to remind myself that I'll miss nursing her like crazy and getting to kiss her cheeks every 2-3 hours all night.

I started attempting to get some running exercise in this summer. After 4 babies, my super skinny days are over and I'm finally resigning myself to actually needing some exercise. So far I still hate it and am really bad at it, but that's mainly because it's so hard to find time to do it kid-free. I'm hoping the rec center membership will help in that area.

This year Marissa will be in 3rd grade, which is weird because I actually have memories from my 3rd grade year. Arianna will officially begin kindergarten (although she is reading fluently thanks to her big sister and completed her K math book already), and in my spare time (HA!) I hope to do some preschool activities with 3-almost-4 year old Roman. I'm sure this year will be challenging because of teaching 2 kids instead of just 1 and dealing with a toddler and 3-4yr old, but I'll do my best and that will have to be good enough.

We are using Classical Conversations again this year, doing new-to-us Cycle 3. It's our final year before Marissa starts Essentials and next year Roman will join the fun as well. This year Roman and Karina will be in the nursery together, which will give me the freedom to roam between both big girls' rooms.

Marissa and Arianna will start their second season of soccer this fall. They were in a short season this past spring, and both decided it was something they wanted to do again so we signed them up in the homeschool league. I'm looking forward to them having fun, but not looking forward to the soccer part since I still hate it! I will try to embrace being a "soccer mom" for their sake though, and Roman and Dan love watching them play. I wish Roman could play in their league too because he is crazy good for a 3 year old (so says Dan). I'm really hoping for NO RAIN every Saturday!

Our church recently had a big push to raise funds for a new children's area to be built, and as of last week, God provided OVER the requested amount. It's an exciting time in our growing church and I can't wait to see the new building completed.

I don't expect to ever get back to blogging on a regular basis, but I do like to fill in the blanks when I can. The cooking/dishes and laundry of a family of 6 are enough to kill me, to say nothing of TIME, especially during the school year. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I wouldn't say no to a maid or cook!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Things to remember - early 2014

-How Roman wants to cuddle all the time, especially at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bed time
-Arianna says "You Nork" instead of New York
-When Roman is scared, he says "Mommy, I scary!"
-The way Karina softly rubs my belly, arm, and chin and holds my finger while she nurses
-The intimate chats Marissa and I have while I wash her hair
-How Roman keeps informing me that I "*gasp* have a big bottom" and he has a "yittle" bottom
-How Roman says the plural of some things: "mouth-iz" "wolf-iz"
-How Roman can't say the sss sound, but only sometimes: "horry"= sorry, "hissors"= scissors, "webhite"= website, "mommy, can we watch hid the hience kid?"
-Slushy = "flushie" (R)
-Arianna, after getting a giant push on the swings: "That, like, really freaked me out!"
-"Is today March twenty-tooth?" -A
-Karina is 7 months old now! She was rolling around the living room and suddenly sat up again! She's not sleeping well, but is finally slowly eating more solids.
-Arianna said "I triple pegasus promise!"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Karina update

Karina woke up this morning saying "dadadada" - she is almost 6 months old. No matter how many babies I have, I'm never prepared for how fast they grow up. She's delightful in every way. She's happy almost all the time, and if she's upset, it's always an easy fix. She grins at her siblings like crazy and they all adore her, fighting to sit in front of her and talk baby talk to her. Karina is close to sitting up on her own, and rolling around everywhere. She plays with anything she can get her hands on, and that usually involves eating it. She nurses about every 1.5 hours if she's awake, and takes two solid naps of about 2-3 hours, plus an evening cat nap. She's not sleeping all night, but I still get a few good chunks of sleep most nights and she goes right back to sleep after nursing. She's very destractable and adorable when she nurses, grabbing my face, lips, hair, the nursing cover, and anything she can get her one hand on. I finally gave in and put her in the nursery at church and she's happy for a little while, but every time so far they've had to page me a few times. I think she's a mommy's girl, and I won't lie: I kinda love it.